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Final Claim Filing Deadline is June 8, 2015

On December 8, 2014, the United States Supreme Court declined request for a review of the Fifth Circuit’s rulings upholding the District Court’s Final Approval Order of the Settlement Agreement. Accordingly, the Effective Date of the Settlement Agreement is December 8, 2014, and the final deadline for filing all claims other than those that fall into the Seafood Compensation Program is June 8, 2015. If you wish to pursue any economic loss or damage claims, you must submit a signed and completed Claim Form(s) along with any required supporting documents on or before June 8, 2015, which is the final claim filing deadline. If you do not submit the relevant Claim Forms before the final claim filing deadline, any claims you may have will not be considered timely filed and therefore will not be reviewed by the Settlement Program.

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The Court-Supervised Settlement Program opened on June 4, 2012. Claim Forms and their accompanying Instruction Booklets are available at the links below and at Claimant Assistance Centers. Claimants and Counsel are encouraged to submit claims online, which will be an easier process than completing and submitting paper Claim Forms. The online claim process will guide you through only the specific questions you need to answer, and will instruct you about the specific Supporting Documentation you must submit, based on the answers you enter as you go along.

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Click the links below for the Registration Form, Claim Forms, and the accompanying Instruction Booklets. All claimants must submit a completed Registration Form either before, or along with, their first submitted Claim Form. You only need to submit the Registration Form once, but your claim cannot be processed without your Registration Form.

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